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House, MLAs office destroyed in Oliver fire

OLIVER - Three explosions jolted Jim Hoffman awake. Then he noticed the flames.

Sustainability expert to lead new program

Amy Vaillancourt, an expert in sustainability assessment, has joined Okanagan College as the lead instructor and program chair for the College's new Sustainable Construction...

Nowhere to go, but under truck

An SUV came to a stop crumpled under a delivery truck carrying lumber Monday on the Bennett Bridge.

Riding prof seeks safer cycling to UBCO

As the weather improves and more cyclist take to the streets and bike lanes, The Kelowna Area Cycle Coalition would like to share a...

20 to Watch: UBC alumna counselled rescued sex workers in Nepal before returning to Valley

Nicole Ripley realizes she doesn't look like your "typical" psychologist - if such a person exists.

20 to Watch: A global focus on safety and security

You may wonder what a British ex-diplomat like Martin Cronin is doing in a place like this.

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Are you in favour of the Kelowna Farmers Market moving downtown?


Glare causes crash

A plane crash last year just off the Okanagan Connector that killed three people may have been caused by glare blinding the pilot's vision, the Transportation Safety Board said Friday. See the Okanagan Saturday for details.

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  • You can help focus future of health care
    Political propaganda masking the social, economic and environmental issues that really matter to society, as investment in relevant research such that produce business that offer better educated bette... More...
    By kellpetersen
  • Farmers market board must resign
    Your situation only exemplifies what is happening at the municipal, provincial anf federal levels of government! Democracy IS NOT the key factor in resolving issues, it IS simply........ WE KNOW BETTE... More...
    By Viper047
  • Market booming despite internal upheavals
    Please remember this is the same board that rejected the majority vote of the membership...The new president (former vice president) supported that autocratic decision. The majority of the other board... More...
    By eduohm
  • B.C. energy policy is ill-defined
    As Hydro is looking for big bucks to do whatever...... How about the FACT at hand that, I believe ALL the previous gov't. HAVE ROBBED profits from Hydro and done WHAT with it?? Those PROFITS should ha... More...
    By Viper047
  • Appalled by lack of dialogue
    What action can be taken to or event this from happening. This is very important. More...
    By victoriarich
  • Friends, family campaign to keep killer behind bars
    I SAY KEEP THIS ANIMAL in prison for at least another 30 years! Maybe by that time he will die and the families will NEVER have to worry about him again.... This guy will NEVER be fixed to walk the st... More...
    By Viper047
  • Marina too much
    Am I the only person wondering HOW this whole issue evolved? I may not live there BUT, I still have questions as to HOW this slipped through....ANYBODY ELSE?? More...
    By Viper047
  • Pot myth appears busted
    All true, but you can bet the legalization advocates will tell you to 'Google it' long before they tell you to 'PubMed it'. More...
    By Free Market
  • Curfew needed for Kelowna teens?
    I agree with the comments, but Shar Quinn asks, "How do I know it is teens causing mischief in our neighbourhood?" Some time ago when I had my driver's license stolen, it was found in a hard drive of ... More...
    By MMRoss
  • Okanagan doesn't need to encourage more traffic
    Do you have any idea how much light rail transportation costs? Perhaps you should look into that a bit before making that suggestion. There is another alternative, you know. Just stop growing! More...
    By jgzeger
  • Hunter, killer, angry furball
    Love your column Dude and this is WHY my two cats ARE indoor variety! You keep writing and I WILL keep reading! More...
    By Viper047
  • Kelowna doctor helps to heal patients faster
    I think this is fantastic! Now, IF ONLY the government could do the same for " My tax pain! " More...
    By Viper047
  • Flaherty didn't deserve the fanfare
    Flaherty was a Corporate Lackey that spent his whole political career in Ontario & Federal Conservative Governments deliberately draining the Public Purse to further his ideological bent of destroying... More...
    By DJA
  • Flaherty didn't deserve the fanfare
    This is a bunch of Crap Jack Layton lived in Co-Op housing and paid the maximum he could pay. There is no government subsides for Co-Op ownership it is owned by the membership, and geared to your abi... More...
    By DJA
  • Hire Canadians first
    And why is it legal for farm workers to be expected to work a 6 day, 60 hour week and all for minimum wage? Regardless of country of origin this is plain wrong. More...
    By omero
  • Okanagan doesn't need to encourage more traffic
    It would be helpful if those planning transit in the Central Okanagan were actually bus users. The transit committee is a farce. Have any of the members even been on a bus (photo-ops not counted)? The... More...
    By omero
  • Flaherty didn't deserve the fanfare
    Since the Conservatives came to power in 2006, and despite the global economic crash in 2008, the corporate tax rate has been reduced 6 percentage points, which represents about $12 billion less landi... More...
    By DVarga
  • Flaherty didn't deserve the fanfare
    Follow the money: 1960 41.0 1970 40.0 1980 36.0 1990 28.0 2000 28.0 2001 27.0 2002 25.0 2003 23.0 2004 21.0 2005 21.0 2006 21.0 2007 21.0 2008 20.5 2009 20.0 2010 19.0 2011 16.5 2012 15.0 More...
    By DVarga
  • A disappointing smear
    Don't expect more from this paper or this editor; both have shown a shameless promotion of their beliefs about all three levels of government. More...
    By omero
  • Boom times in Lake Country
    Pity poor Lake Country. More...
    By jgzeger
  • Hire Canadians first
    I am not sure about the arrangements at some of the local businesses using TFW's (Westbak Tim's) but I know that many of these franchises make money from housing the TFW's. They force them to live in ... More...
    By db42
  • Flaherty didn't deserve the fanfare
    The great Jack Layton indeed. Is Mr. Marshal talking about the Jack Layton, who along with his wife Ms. Chow, lived in subsidized housing while they jointly had an income of in excess of $200,000/year... More...
    By dougmachan
  • Flaherty didn't deserve the fanfare
    Yes, Flaherty did show huge largess to one particular corporation - it is called GM. I'm sure he wasn't too happy about the huge bailout but it did mean that many many GM workers and other auto indust... More...
    By eaglebudd
  • Okanagan doesn't need to encourage more traffic
    This letter makes too much sense! Some of the suggestions should have been implemented years ago but the quality of life takes the back seat to the short sighted pursuit of the almighty dollar. The fe... More...
    By dhmartin
  • Hire Canadians first
    I do not understand WHY the system will not train/retrain welfare recipients to fill these low end jobs! Is it NOT the intent to have these people re-employed and OFF the 'gravy train'? Anybody can wo... More...
    By Viper047
  • Our air could be a lot cleaner
    You have written what sooooo many of us have been saying to each other. I have a friend visiting from Manitoba and she says, "BC wants to be doing greener better than any other province? Then, stop wi... More...
    By damama55
  • Thumbs Up - Thumbs Down
    We are poorly served by our representatives in Ottawa from the Okanagan. Full stop. After YEARS of undistinguished service in the miserable back-benches, it is perhaps unsurprising that Mr. Cannan nee... More...
    By WestKBlogger
  • Concerned about spending on dog control
    Next the RDCO will want a "Dog Whisperer" on staff ! When it come to fines, of any kind, you HAVE TO enforce AND collect said fines! Otherwise, what is the use.... More...
    By Viper047
  • Stolen credit cards used in Vernon
    WE here in Canada need to follow the Americans on something they do there... I believe they call it the '3 strike rule' where IF you are charged with the same fraud, in this case, you are given a LONG... More...
    By Viper047
  • Publishers regret racy cover
    You call THAT racy?? Have you watched TV commercials in the last few years? I believe the FEW are way off base on this one, I personally WAS NOT offended by this picture..... I guess it is ALL about p... More...
    By Viper047

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