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These are fast times we live in

I certainly adore the talent and creativity that seem to permeate a lot of what we do - it borderlines on genius and it's a joy to see.

Do you prefer high or low octane wine?

Last weekend, I was surprised to find myself feeling tipsy after a single glass of white wine. Granted, I had been cutting back on my overall consumption in the new year, but I didn't imagine it would have such a profound effect.

Keep spending down, Aries

Overview for all signs

Highly successful seniors

Every time I pick up another prize-winning essay by an old woman who has surpassed the age of 90 or 100 and makes a pile of money pontificating on such topics as paying off credit cards every month, giving up resistance to chocolate, what doesn't kill you really does make you stronger or my personal favourite, "The most important sex organ is the brain," I think you could have fooled me.

Do you know your health score?

If asked to rate your current health on a scale of one to 10 (one, you need serious help and 10, you are in tip-top shape), what would you say? More importantly, what would you base this rating on?

Wait-and-see attitude good regarding tumour

Dear Dr. Kaplan: Sam is my three-year-old dachshund cross dog that developed a lump on the edge of his right upper eyelid three weeks ago. It has resulted in excessive tearing of the eye, but otherwise Sam does not seem to know it is even there. It is about 1.5 centimetres in diametre and sometimes bleeds.

Room needs proper balance

Perfecting the art of scale is one of most important skills for a designer to master. Brilliant colour schemes, fabulous marriages of pattern and texture and outstanding pieces are all undermined if you don't achieve perfect balance, portion and scale in a room.

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