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Tea a healthy addiction

I moved to the Okanagan more than 13 years ago and, as a recovering coffee addict, reluctantly drank my first Tim Horton's double double. The two-cream-two-sugar combination instantly had me hooked for the next couple of years.

Is that terroir or terror you're talking about?

It may be no coincidence the word "terroir" is but a letter away from "terror."

Detox first phase of program

This past March 24 marked the official launch day of an enormous weight loss movement called the Eight Week Run Health Transformation Challenge. In the interest of being able to field potential questions from clients, my eight-week run began March 17. After five days, I was down three pounds and after 10 days I had shed 2.2 per cent body fat.

Cute bundle of fur now a monster cat

My cat, Merlin Redux, is celebrating his first birthday, and because it is spring and the house is filled with fresh plants, he is getting squirted a lot with water from my old Amway dispenser.

Welcoming spring in the North Okanagan

There's no better way to welcome spring than a resort weekend, especially a weekend at Sparkling Hill Resort south of Vernon.

Freshen up a room with fresh flowers

Fresh flowers are an essential element to creating that luxurious feeling at home. Living fabulously, whether it's in a small downtown condo, a starter apartment or a sprawling estate home, bringing fresh flowers into your decor keeps you feeling like you're living the dream.

It's the season to renew fitness

I got an email this week with the subject line, "Are you ready for spring training, Shannon?"

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