Unisus School in Summerland is launching a million-dollar scholarship program. Above, director of recruitment and advancement Blaine Melnyk and associate director of recruitment and admissions Brenda Gallagher stand at the construction site of the 100-bed dormitory that will house international and Canadian students starting in September.

SUMMERLAND — Unisus School in Summerland is launching a million-dollar scholarship program for qualified students in the Okanagan, across Canada and around the world.

Scholarships are awarded based on individual need and merit.

“Merit covers strong leadership and academic abilities and the potential impact of the student on the school, the community and eventually the world,” said the school’s director of recruitment and advancement, Blaine Melnyk.

Now attending a one-room school in Kenya, 15-year-old Alice, an excellent student, aspires to become a pediatrician and eventually care for children in her home country.

Alice has been chosen to receive a full scholarship.

Other scholarship recipients are 15-year-old Luca from Brazil and 14-year-old Maria from Spain, both academically excellent students with the potential to make significant contributions to the world.

Luca, Maria and Alice are examples of the outstanding students discovered by the school’s extensive international recruitment program.

“Our goal is to have equal numbers of Canadian and international students. This balance will help educate students with local and global perspectives,” said Brenda Gallagher, associate director of recruitment and admissions.

She encourages students to apply now for admission in order to be considered for a scholarship.

In September 2018, Unisus opened its doors to junior kindergarten through Grade 6 students and has plans to grow significantly in the middle grades through Grade 12.

A busing program will be available starting in September for students from Kelowna and Penticton.

“We want to remove transportation and financial barriers,” Melnyk said.

On completion of a 100-bed dormitory this summer, Unisus will offer boarding either full time or Monday to Friday.

Unisus aims to become an International Baccalaureate World School by September 2024. A student-centred, inquiry educational model, the IB program represents the best of modern global educational theory and practice.

Earlier this spring, the school received candidate status for the IB diploma program for Grades 11 and 12.

Graduates of this program are welcomed by universities around the world and are often given credit for a full year of university study.

Last year, the junior school was granted candidate status for the IB primary years program.

For more information about the IB program, visit www.ibo.org.

Gallagher is holding a series of free information sessions throughout the Okanagan Valley about the scholarship program, and about developments and opportunities at Unisus.

The next session is scheduled for 5-7 p.m. next Thursday at the downtown Kelowna branch of the Okanagan Regional Library, 1380 Ellis St. Register by emailing brenda.gallagher@unisus.ca or calling 250-870-6214.

Gallagher is available on request to give tours of the school.

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