Kelowna chiropractor Harmony Mir’s original plan was to be a musician.

“But then I injured my back running and my coach, who was also a chiropractor, introduced me to this profession,” said Mir.

“I was so impressed by what chiropractors can do to help people that I had to become one.”

Mir, 30, now owns and operates The Harmony Clinic, the chiropractic practice that’s less than a year old at 3140 Lakeshore Rd. in Mission Place.

But, before she set her sights on chiropractics, she was a music student at Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia.

“I play classical guitar, harp, piano and trumpet,” she said.

“But my focus was really voice. I sang a bit of classical and jazz professionally at the Montreal and Toronto jazz festivals and I recorded a couple of EPs (extended play compact discs). I definitely was going to try to make singing my career.”

However, fate stepped in.

Mir also ran track at Acadia and one day hurt her back training.

It was the chiropractic treatments her coach did that helped her bounce back quickly and develop better overall health.

“I wanted to switch from music to chiropractics right there and then,” she said.

“But my coach urged me not to rush into anything.”

So, Mir finished her undergraduate music degree while working part-time at her coach’s chiropractic office.

“I saw the good and bad of the profession and still wanted to become a chiropractor,” she said.

Mir enrolled at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, graduated and practised in Toronto for two years before she started to feel the pull of Kelowna.

Her mom lives here and Mir wanted to be closer to her, so she moved last year.

“I feel really blessed that I was able to start up my own practice and work hard and my work spoke for itself and the practice grew by word of mouth,” said Mir.

As a new-generation chiropractor, Mir is all about customizing treatments using a vast tool box.

“With chiropractors, it seems to come down to crack or not crack,” she said.

“I do do some manipulation when it’s needed. But I also do a lot of mobilizing and modality work and even some cranium work where I only treat the head and neck and that fixes the back.

I also incorporate a lot of massage into my chiropractics.”

Ultimately, it’s Mir’s goal to help get patients feeling better so they don’t have to see her again.

“Of course, they might also want to just see me regularly as part of a wellness program,” she said with a laugh.

“After all, it takes a lot to maintain the human skeleton as we age on a planet with so much gravity.”

Mir said most people would have fewer health problems if they followed three simple rules.

“Stretch more, sleep more and drink more water,” she advised.

Mir hasn’t totally put performing behind her.

She played Johnna in the Kelowna Actor’s Studio’s production of August: Osage County.

She also finds time to do quite a bit of volunteering.

Mir’s been on six Chiro Without Borders trips to Canada’s north and the Caribbean to help people with free chiropractic care.

She talks to at-risk youth about wellness; offers reduced-cost care to those in need; does ergonomics and wellness seminars for health care and office workers; warns kids not to overload their backpacks for the sake of their spines; educates moms-to-be about spine health during pregnancy; and teaches new parents simple exercises and homeopathic remedies to keep babies balanced.

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