Flair Air

Flair Airlines will offer Kelowna-Calgary and Kelowna-Edmonton routes, starting July 16.

Flair Airlines is coming back to Kelowna with service to Calgary and Edmonton starting on July 16.

Non-stops to Calgary and Edmonton will be offered on Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Friday — with Calgary on the schedule two days a week and Edmonton two days a week.

Flights from Calgary will arrive in Kelowna on Sunday and Thursday. Flights will leave for Calgary on Monday and Friday.

The Calgary flights also offer connections to Toronto and Winnipeg.

Edmonton flights will arrive Monday and Friday and depart Sunday and Thursday.

The discount airline will be using Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

The summer schedule will continue until October, said Flair executive Sarah Riches.

Flair, once based in Kelowna, now has its head office in Edmonton. Like other airlines, Flair reduced its service to almost zero during the COVID-19 pandemic.