Landmark 7

Mayor Colin Basran, left, and Al Stober Construction president Al Stober cut the ribbon Wednesday to officially open District Market at 1717 Highway 97 and mark the start of construction for the 24-storey Landmark 7 office building behind it.

Kelowna’s Landmark Centre is growing up — literally and figuratively.

“We’re coming into our own as a hub and town centre,” said project development director Bob Dagenais.

“And soon we’ll be home to the 258,000-square-foot, 24-storey Landmark 7, the tallest class-A office building between Vancouver and Calgary.”

Landmark Centre had a double-duty ribbon cutting Wednesday in the area of Dayton and Dickson roads off Highway 97 and Kirschner Road.

Mayor Colin Basran and Landmark developer Al Stober of Al Stober Construction snipped a giant blue ribbon with oversized scissors to officially declare District Market open at 1717 Highway 97 and mark the start of construction for the Landmark 7 tower.

District Market is the refurbished former Turner Volkswagen dealership with highway frontage that now contains four restaurants and Pace Spin Studio. The four eateries are plant-based Frankie We Salute You!, healthy fast-food outlet Freshii, Quesada Burrito & Taco and Vietnamese-style Yellow Star Snack House.

District Market is expected to be a culinary destination for people from all over Kelowna, but it is also handy for the 3,500 workers in the first six Landmark buildings.

When Landmark 7 opens, the worker count will go to 5,000 and the total square footage of office space in the seven buildings will be more than one million.

“A couple of years ago, we realized Landmark lacked a sense of place and identity,” said Dagenais.

“With what we have now, and what we will have with the addition of Landmark 7, we have created a pedestrian-friendly connectivity with character that encourages social interaction and people getting out of their offices (at lunchtime, break time and after work) to enjoy a new, more vibrant live-work-play neighbourhood.”

Landmark 7 will include a public outdoor plaza that will connect to District Market and the pedestrian overpass spanning Highway 97 to Parkinson Recreation Centre.

It will also have outdoor space and conference facilities on the seventh floor, a second-floor fitness centre, retail space on the ground floor and a parkade with room for 446 cars.

The new highrise will be clad in glass for a modern look and feel, just like Landmark 6.

Landmark 6 is currently the tallest office building in the city with 18 floors.

Kelowna’s tallest building of any kind is the 26-storey Skye condominium downtown.

But it will soon be eclipsed by the two nearby towers of the One Water Street condo development, which are 29 and 36 storeys.

Landmark started in 1994 with a seven-storey building.

Landmark 2 followed with 12 floors, then Landmark 3, 4 and 5 with eight storeys each and the aforementioned Landmark 6 at 18 storeys.

Besides the office space, there are also coffee shops, restaurants, a hair salon and a travel agency.

In addition to the office buildings, there are The Flats 1 and 2 rental apartment low-rises and The Mode townhouses and condos.

Al Stober Construction is also looking at further developing Landmark with more residential in both low-rise and highrise buildings.

Stober also manages many other apartment and commercial properties in Kelowna and is building mid-rise condos at the Central Green neighbourhood at Highway 97 and Richter Street.