LNG job

This drawing done for LNG Canada shows what its $40-billion facility in Kitimat could look like when completed.

That’s an immense amount of concrete.

In fact, it’s 210,000 square feet worth of slab floor, enough for administration, maintenance, recreation and entertainment buildings, and a kitchen that will feed 10,000 workers.

A Kelowna company, SK Form & Finish, has landed the contract to place, saw and finish all that concrete for the first phase of the $40-billion liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility in Kitimat.

SK isn’t releasing how much the contract is worth, but reveals it is the biggest finishing project it’s ever taken on.

“It’s huge kudos for us,” said Steve Kraushar, who owns SK with his wife, Angie.

“Not only will it be the biggest finishing job we’ve done, but it all came about when Bird Construction contacted us. We’ve never worked with Bird before, but they knew we did work, so they got in touch.”

Bird is part of a joint venture with Atco group that is building the accommodation for the 4,500 workers who will build the LNG Canada facility.

SK does not have the contract to supply the concrete.

That job has gone to a Kitimat contractor, who will deliver the equivalent of 4,000 truck loads of concrete to the site over a six-week period.

The Kitimat contractor will pour the concrete, and then SK’s 20 workers will massage it into place and do all the finishing work.

“It’s exacting work,” said Kraushar.

“All the floors have to be super-flat. Being trusted with the job is a testament to the skills of our guys.”

Sending 20 of its 73 workers to Kitimat will leave SK short at home.

“We’re also using this opportunity to attract and hire more workers in Kelowna,” said Kraushar.

Kraushar’s father also worked in the concrete industry.

“If I had told him one day SK would win a contract to work on the Kitimat LNG project, he’d have laughed me out of the house,” he said.

“This would have never happened without the incredible, high standard of work our staff deliver every day to our residential, construction and industrial clients.”

SK did the concrete work for the recently completed 21-storey 1151 Sunset condominium tower in Kelowna.

It also did all the concrete work for the Memorial Parkade on Ellis Street and several fruit packing plants.

When complete, LNG Canada’s facility in Kitimat will take natural gas delivered via pipeline from Dawson Creek and liquefy it with a cooling process so it can be more easily exported by ship to overseas markets.

Cooling natural gas from its gaseous state to liquid form reduces the volume and allows for non-pressurized storage and transport.

The resulting liquefied natural gas is also odourless, colourless, non-toxic and non-corrosive.

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