Kelowna sport massage therapist Brandy Osborne doesn't mind a bit of name dropping.

She's worked with two-time Stanley Cup-winning defenseman Justin Schultz of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

In fact, when Osborne submitted photos for this profile she included pictures of her posing with the cup and Schultz at his summer home in Kelowna in both 2016 and 2017.

The massage therapist has also worked with National Hockey League defenseman Luke Scheen of the Arizona Coyotes, goalie James Reimer from the Florida Panthers and Minnesota Wild goalie Devan Dubnyk.

Kelowna is a haven for NHLers in the summer and when they go looking for a nationally certified sport massage therapist, Osborne's name always comes up.

Osborne also works with Hockey Canada and has provided massage therapy at camps and on the road for the national women's senior team, women's under-18 team and women's development team.

In fact, she travelled to Germany and Austria with the development team in 2015 for the Nations Cup.

She's been the massage therapist at NHL camps and for Cirque de Soleil performers when they were in Penticton for shows.

While Osborne may keep some high-profile company, she has her own practice in Kelowna in her Lower Mission home.

"I love working with professional and elite athletes because they use their bodies as a vehicle for their jobs," she said.

"But, I also love working with someone who is just starting to exercise and needs some help with massage therapy, therapeutic exercise or selective functional movement assessment. You you are active you can always strive for better function and flexibility."

Speaking of being active, Osborne does it all from swimming, road and mountain biking and kayaking to hockey and hiking.

But she also lists vigorous camping, gardening and ready as pastimes.

Osborne is also an instructor at Vancouver Career College in Kelowna teaching sport therapy, therapeutic exercise, musculoskeletal palpation, kinesiology and business practice.

"It's so rewarding to support future registered massage therapists," she said.

With such a busy schedule, Osborne also makes time to volunteer.

"In many ways, I am where I am because of volunteering," she said.

"All my work as president of the B.C. chapter of the Canadian Sport Massage Therapy Association is volunteer. I'll be one of the medical practitioners for the B.C. Winter Games in Kamloops at the end of the month."

When asked what the future holds, Osborne doesn't hesitate answering.

"I always strive for excellence," she said.

"I'd like to do a podcast and share my knowledge. I don't travel with NHL athletes right now, but I could see doing that in the future for players who want consistent treatment throughout their season. And personally, I just want to spend more time outdoors and be more fit myself, mentally, physically and emotionally."

With the Winter Olympics on right now, Osborne is already thinking ahead to the next games in 2022 in Bejing.

She'd love to be selected as part of the medical team for those Olympics with Hockey Canada.