Cassidy deVeer freely admits she and her husband, Gerald, are workaholics.

“And that’s OK,” she said.

“Because we enjoy it. I, especially, have a hard time saying no, so it’s a challenge finding the time to do everything. But I always find time for what’s important.”

To do that, deVeer might miss an industry event to be at one of her kid’s baseball games, or vice versa.

DeVeer and her husband own and operate 3rd Generation Homes, so named because both of their parents and grandparents we’re also home builders.

“We both grew up in the industry,” she said. “Building is in our blood.”

DeVeer said it’s not overkill to work with her husband.

“It’s not as if we’re sitting together in the same office everyday,” she said.

“He’s usually out on construction sites and I’m at the office taking care of the business side of things, customer service, marketing and some project management.”

3rd Generation focuses on building high-end custom homes and is a select builder at lakeside McKinley Beach.

The company is particularly proud of the $4-million estate its about to build in Southeast Kelowna for a discerning client.

“It’s a modern, industrial, Frank Lloyd Wright-style custom home with a level of architecture you usually don’t see in the Okanagan,” she said.

“It even has a floating living room requiring a lot of engineering and steel beams.”

DeVeer is Kelowna born and raised, graduated from Kelowna Christian School in 2004 and played basketball at UBC Okanagan.

She still finds time to play twice a week, once at the Okanagan College women’s team scrimmage and once with women’s league.

DeVeer is on the Central Okanagan Canadian Home Builders’ Association board and helps coach teenage girls and boys basketball teams.

As a family, she, her husband and their two kids are usually found at the basketball court or baseball diamond.