Many workers in B.C. are receiving a nearly 10 per cent pay raise today.

Effective today, minimum wage in the province is rising from $12.65 per hour to $13.85. From there, it will increase to $14.60 on June 1, 2020 and to at least $15.20 on June 1, 2012.

“Regular increases to minimum wages are one way government is helping our lowest paid workers. These increases are the result of recommendations from the independent Fair Wages Commission, established in 2017 to advise government on an approach to raising provincial minimum wages with increases that are regular, measured and predictable,”the Ministry of Labour wrote in a statement.

“This is helping to make life more affordable for people, while providing the predictability and certainty that businesses need.”

According to the Retail Council of Canada, B.C. presently has the fifth-highest minimum wage in the country. Alberta and Ontario are presently tops at $15 and $14 per hour respectively.

Saskatchewan now has the lowest minimum wage in the country at $11.06 per hour.

While the rise in pay is drawing mixed reaction from business advocacy groups, the NDP ran on a platform in the last provincial election of raising minimum wage to $15 per hour.

Some poverty advocates insist it's still not enough to live on, even for a single person.

In a post to Twitter, the provincial government wrote: “B.C.’s minimum wage increases on June 1 because B.C.’s lowest paid workers deserve a fair wage.”