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Is your Dog making your home a mess? Here are a few easy tips on keeping your Home Clean this spring.

Stay on top of the Dog Mess

Keeping your home clean of dog hair and muddy paws can be cumbersome. Whether you live with a hairy Golden Retriever as I do, a German Shepherd, Boxer, Dachshund or Poodle, it’s a daily struggle to keep our homes clean of hair, and muddy paws and staying on top of the mess. As dog parents, we’ve collected the best tips on staying on top of the dog mess while keeping your house in top shape.

Dogs are like kids. You have to stay on top of the chaos so that it doesn’t get out of control. They may be adorable, but they can be very messy. Prevent the irritation of a dirty dog with our suggestions on K9 Cleaning your home.

Muddy Paws? And Helminths (Parasitic worms) No Problem!

Do you ever fret about your Dog running back into the house from a walk or even just simply being out in the back yard and rolling in mud or God forbid, digging in the garden? Keep a K9 Clean Portable Dog Shower and towel by your door. Fill it with nice warm water on cold days and cold water on hot days, once your pup is ready to come back in, its super easy to give those muddy paws and undercarriage a quick rinse before getting your clean floors all muddy! Dry them off, and you and your Dog are good to go. This habit is a good one to get into, it also helps ease any environmental allergies your Dog may have as well let alone get rid of any toxins that are harmful to humans if they come into contact with them.

Did you know that Dogs transit a variety of surfaces, grass, dirt, sand, and hardscapes such as sidewalks and parking lots. Research demonstrates that dogs will transfer helminth eggs from contaminated soil to their paws and risk transferring the eggs into cars and homes. Parasitic worms, also known as helminths such as Toxocara Canis and Ancylostoma caninum are zoonotic parasites and can pose a risk for human infection. Just think of it this way, do your babies, grandbabies or toddlers crawl around on the floor? Most kids don’t have a huge habit of washing their hands often but studies have shown that the use of the K9 Clean Dog Shower is an effective means to remove helminth ova from dog paws.

Once you use the K9 Clean Dog Shower, you will wonder how you ever managed to keep your house clean without it! It’s reasonably priced as well, Find it at

Groom Regularly

Grooming your Dog on a regular schedule is great for keeping your home clean and your Dog clean. Brush your Dog every day and If you bath your dog yourself, use K9Cleans all natural, Zero Waste Dog Shampoo, which are a gentle mixture of calming Lavender, Cedarwood leaf essential oils that deodorize, and help in the prevention of fleas, ticks, mosquitos, and more! Your pup’s coat will look and feel healthy and soft.

Dog Hair – It’s Everywhere

One of the most annoying problems dog parents face is pet hair. It’s on the floors, the couch, and not only your clothing but your guest’s clothing too. Place a blanket or slipcover wherever your Dog likes to rest. Be sure to shake it out when cleaning to get rid of most of the hair before you throw it in the washing machine. Use a good dog brush to help reduce the hair. We use an Oster Dog Rake for our hairy golden, and it works great!

Getting Dog Hair out of Rugs and Furniture

Vacuum, and do it twice in various directions. My life changed when we bought the best vacuum for pet hair in our opinion, the Dyson Cord-Free Vacuum. It’s powerful, lightweight and is great for all surfaces including hardwood floors and carpets. You will be amazed at how much hair and fur it sucks up! The only thing that works on clothing is a really sticky lint roller and failing that wrap packing tape around your hand! For your furniture, the Dyson vacuum has a furniture tool which is great and can be used as a powerful hand vacuum.

Getting out tough stains

All of our dogs have had the occasional accident especially when they are puppies. To get tough odors out of your carpets and rugs, use Natural Touch Urine Eliminator. This stuff is amazing, and it is better than any other ones we have tested.

Protecting your hardwood floors by trimming your Dog’s Nails

Is trimming your Dog’s nails a fear? Don’t let it be – there are several options for dog nail clippers on the market that make it not as stressful. Have your veterinarian or Dog groomer show you how to trim nails first.

Dog Food Place Mat

Most dogs tend to get a little messy when eating their dog food. Help ease the clean up by placing a placemat under their dog dishes. We use a rubber one that you can simply rinse off when your Dog is finished.

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DogTails runs on a weekly and we invite our readers to submit your dog questions and column ideas to us at