Nathan Flavel is already referring to 2015 as his “big year.”

“So much has happened and it’s been extremely busy, but I love it,” said Flavel, 39, commercial realtor with ReMax and co-owner of Kelowna Actors Studio.

“I’m getting darn close to 40, so I’d like to see this happen before I am naturally disqualified. LOL.”

Besides having two demanding careers, Flavel has also managed affiliated entrepreneurial and charitable efforts.

For instance, on the charity side, Flavel helped set up the Kelowna Actors Studio Academy, a full-time high school for students who are pursuing higher education and careers in the performing arts.

“We have five students this term studying full time right out of the Kelowna Actors Studio theatre on Ellis Street,” said Flavel.

“They do all their core courses online at the theatre and there’s also a teacher on site to help. And then all their electives are in the performing arts.”

On the entrepreneurial side, Flavel spearheaded Kelowna Tickets, the new ticket agent for Kelowna Actors Studio and other arts groups, attractions and tours at Orchard Park mall.

“This is a true effort of the local arts groups to keep more of the ticket fees for events in the pockets of the artists and less in the hands of big ticketing corporations,” he said.

For 12 years Flavel was general manager, executive producer and co-owner of Kelowna Actors Studio.

“Although I loved every minute of it, I had to be realistic and admit: there’s very little money in the arts,” he said.

“So to make some money and be able to retire some day, I got into real estate.

I’d always talked about it and I finally just did it.”

Initially, Flavel joined the Stone Sisters at ReMax, selling residential real estate as a team.

This year, he found a better match and switched to selling commercial real estate with ReMax’s McLaughlin Group.

“Selling commercial real estate really speaks to my entrepreneurial side,” said Flavel.

“I love helping businesses find the perfect premises.”

Flavel remains as Kelowna Actors Studio’s executive producer and co-owner, which means he still oversees 100 actors, designers, volunteers and food service workers when the company is putting a play.

He also does the marketing, designs the sets and playbills and videos the show.

Last year, he even found the time to direct the Addams Family production and play Sparky in Forever Plaid.

Because his former salary at Kelowna Actors Studio is now paid to the new general manager, Flavel doesn’t get compensated for any of this theatre work anymore.

And that’s OK with him because the real estate career is doing well and so is his volunteering.

Flavel is currently serving his second term as the arts and culture representative on the Tourism Kelowna board and helped decide where the new Visitor Information Centre will be located (it’s still a secret).

He’s also part of a team of a dozen organizers who put on the Heart of Golf fundraiser for Kelowna General Hospital Foundation, an event which raised $1.5 million last year and won a best event accolade at the Canadian Special Events Industry Awards.

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