The money was great.

But there was no personal time and no life.

So, Andrew Greer stepped off the corporate ladder in Ontario and moved to Kelowna for some work-life balance and the perfect job.

“It hit me one time when I was flying back to Ontario from Kelowna after visiting my brother here,” said Greer, 31.

“I started to wonder why I was on the plane and not staying in Kelowna.

Five months later, I moved to Kelowna.”

That was three years ago and now Greer is program manager at Accelerate Okanagan doing what he loves.

He helps technology companies startup, grow and succeed.

Yet, he still has ample time to enjoy the Okanagan lifestyle of mountain biking, rock climbing, kite surfing and snowboarding.

And there’s also enough time to volunteer.

“This is the lifestyle change I was looking for,” said Greer.

“A life and career with purpose.”

Greer earned his undergraduate degree in commerce from Dalhousie University in Halifax before landing an MBA at Royal Military College in Kingston.

Upon graduation, he started to work for Xerox Copiers in sales and immediately found success.

“I had major accounts and learned a lot,” he said.

“I moved into management quickly and was responsible for Eastern Ontario. I was the top sales manager in Canada and made great money, but I was working 80 hours a week, had no time and no life. I soon found the job really didn’t have enough purpose in it for me.”

So Greer quit and found a job at Launch Lab, a high-tech accelerator, in Kingston.

The job had more purpose, but something was still missing.

So Greer combined the best of both worlds and found a job at Accelerate Okanagan and moved to Kelowna for the lifestyle.

“What could be better?” he asked.

“I’m able to help technology companies with programs I help build and execute.”

Some of the programs offered by Accelerate Okanagan include Fast Trak to prepare startup companies to pitch to investors, Venture Accelerate to learn how to turn an idea into customers and Traction for more-established companies to scale up operations.

Greer’s volunteer work also covers the gamut.

He help form Okanagan Changemakers, the group that fosters social entrepreneurs and puts on the Change Up event recognizing four positive changemakers in the areas of non-profit, charity, for-profit and student.

The event also raised $25,000 to support organizations making positive changes.

Greer is on the community advisory board at UBC Okanagan that helps the school and students connect with the community and business.

He’s also on the Enactus board at Okanagan College.The student group

promotes entrepreneurism with conscience.

He also volunteers with Big Brothers and Big Sisters.