Three-year-old Landon says he works at specialized yoga studio Moga.

When he was a baby, he and his mom, Amy Rauscher, led classes for pregnant women and moms and babies.

"And when he was a baby, he was also on my back as I mopped the yoga studio floor," said Rauscher.

"Now that he's three, he mops the floor. Landon will grow up understanding the importance of hard work, determination, community and helping others."

Rauscher's own pregnancy was problematic.

She had to spend most of it on bed rest and almost doubled in size from 110 pounds to 212 pounds.

"Before my pregnancy I taught yoga for fun," said Rauscher.

"So, new to Kelowna and a single mom, I started Moga, a prenatal and mom and baby yoga program that's non-judgmental, inclusive and builds community. We always had tea after class and talked about anything and everything expectant moms and new moms want to talk about. It's also where lasting friendships started that thrive outside of yoga, too."

Back then, Rauscher used her maternity doctor's office for the yoga classes and passed on the money moms and moms-to-be paid for classes to Mamas for Mamas, a Kelowna non-profit that helps moms.

"I think I was one of Mamas for Mamas first donors. They helped me as a scared and isolated single mom," said Rauscher.

"I was OK financially, but the emotional support they gave me was invaluable."

Now that Moga has become a business, five per cent of its revenue goes to Mamas for Mamas and Rauscher is the group's volunteer manager, putting in at least 10 hours a week.

Now that Moga is launched, Rauscher also works full-time for Centric Health, a firm that helps make sure medications given to residents of care homes are accurate and on-time.

She has a bachelor of commerce degree and a masters in business administration.

Rauscher hardly has time to teach yoga anymore.

Moga in Kelowna is now a franchise located in the same building at Highway 97 and Spall Road that houses the Pennzoil Oil Change Centre and the Mamas for Mamas office.

There are also franchises in West Kelowna, Lake Country and Oakville, Ont.

And Rauscher is shooting Moga classes at the Film Factory in Kelowna that can be followed on demand online, so anyone around the world can take part.

The video series also includes discussions about breastfeeding and motherhood.

"One day, I'd also love to see Moga franchises around the world," she said.

"We're definitely going to stick to the niche of prenatal and mom and baby yoga. Mom and baby yoga works perfectly until the baby starts to crawl. That's when we cut it off, otherwise is becomes chasing-my-baby yoga."

At the Kelowna Moga franchise in particular, the multiple series of six classes with a maximum of 20 moms or moms-to-be per class are always sold out.

Rauscher was nominated for Top Forty Under 40 by Mike Chisholm of World Financial Group, who was a nominee for Top Forty Over 40 in October 2016.

Chisholm is a fan of Rauscher, Moga and Mamas for Mamas, where his wife, Candace, works and volunteers.

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