John Perlinger founded, the online marketplace that allows people to post items with proceeds going to charity.

During the COVID-19 pandemic is an odd time to launch a new business.

“Well, it was a real dilemma — kind of a now-or-never situation,” said John Perlinger, developer and owner of

“But, I came up with this idea that the world needs while meditating a year ago and the launch date was set for now. With all the coronavirus upheaval, I considered postponing, but in the end decided to go ahead now as planned.” is a marketplace website where people can post items for sale.

Rather than sellers making money, proceeds are forwarded to the charity of their choice and they receive a charitable tax receipt.

“Sellers, buyers and charities can all feel good about this because it’s great value for all of them,” said Perlinger.

“Basically, it’s like a charity holding a garage sale to raise money. But, they don’t have to worry about collecting items and actually having a sale because that’s all done for them with”

Perlinger, a former insurance broker, developed the platform while living in Chilliwack.

His family is now moving to the Okanagan, so the business will be Kelowna-based.

“We work with to list all the charities sellers can donate to and to generate the tax receipts,” said Perlinger.

“But, because we’re moving to Kelowna and people are likely to be facing tough times because of COVID, we’re recommending the Central Okanagan Community Food Bank as the charity recipient of choice right now.” is all set up but currently has only a few items for sale, including a print signed by NHLers Shae Weber and Carey Price, a soccer jersey, kids’ shows and a clock.

“We need to get the word out to all those people who may be spring cleaning and decluttering during COVID isolation to post items for sale, pick a charity and get the money rolling to charities,” he said.

Sellers have to register to post items, and buyers can securely purchase online with a credit card.

For now, buyers have to pick up their purchases from sellers.

However, there’s the option of sellers simply leaving the item outside for pickup so they aren’t bothered at home and social distancing can be maintained.

From every purchase, 92% goes to the charity with the remaining 8% for to cover operating costs and to make a small profit. is working on setting up a delivery option for purchases.

“Our aim eventually is to take over the world with this,” said Perlinger.

He is also appealing to charities and churches to contact him at to solicit items for sale so they have online fundraisers.