B.C. Tree Fruits expects to pack and market about eight million pounds of cherries this season.

To celebrate that, the co-operative, which packs and distributes the fruit of 400 local orchardists, is putting on a Canadian Summer Staples contest.

Okanagan cherries are one summer staple for fruit lovers.

Watching the Grey Cup is another Canadian staple.

To link the two, B.C. Tree Fruits is giving away a trip for two the Canadian Football championship in Calgary on Nov. 24.

For your chance to win, go to SummerStaples.ca and complete the form outlining some of your favourite summer staples and how you enjoy cherries.

In the same news release announcing the contest, B.C. Tree Fruits mentioned it is maximizing the cherry crop by using cherry juice in its new flavour of Broken Ladder Rose hard cider.

Apples are usually the base of cider, and B.C. Tree Fruits’ Broken Ladder brand makes a hard apple cider.

But it also makes Pears & Peaches and Apples & Hops flavours.

B.C. Tree Fruits packs and markets about one-third of the Okanagan cherry crop.

Two-thirds of the cherry volume is sold directly by growers or independent packers.

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