Daring to Share Karis; An Afternoon of Storytelling by The Authors of Trauma to Recovery - Special Edition 2019


Presented by The Authors of Karis Support Society and Diana Reyers, Founder of Daring to Dare Global


The Event is on September 21st and Here's the Story Behind How it Transpired.....



A few years ago, The Dream Project was created at Karis Support Society, a women's recovery centre here in Kelowna. This project is supported by community volunteers as they offer their time and energy to the residents of Karis in order to provide each of them with the opportunity to fulfill a lifetime dream before they leave.

    When I was launching my first book in the collaborative Daring to Share storytelling series, I met some of the Karis residents who were invited to attend the book launch event, and one of them shared her dream of writing with me. The organizer of the Karis Dream Project, Philippa Douglas, was also there, and I looked at her and said, "let's create a collaborative book with Karis featuring residents who are writers and would like to become published authors." We decided that a portion of the proceeds of this book, Daring to Share: Trauma to Recover - Special Edition 2019, would go to The Karis Dream Project in perpetuity.  (Daring to Share books are registered with Indigo Books and Amazon with Volume 1 reaching the Amazon top 10 Bestsellers list in the category of Personal Transformation.)

    The 6 authors of this Karis Special Edition are all women experiencing successful recovery and worked with me for 8 months to create this masterpiece of stories with the degree of resilience that most of us wish we had. They are not stories of addiction, but rather stories of moving from the trauma that led them to addiction and the courage they found to move past their adversities to full recovery.

     In a world overwhelmed with addiction, mental illness, and homelessness, it is our responsibility as human beings to support those who have fallen. Both Karis Support Society and the Daring to Share Movement believe in the power of Love, Grace, and Inclusivity and, as a result, these writers were given the chance to, not only become published authors but intentionally pay it forward and support others through the power of inspiration by sharing their stories.

    I self-fund all of the Daring to Share books through Influence Publishing and the intention of the writers and myself is only to inspire. We want to inspire others to dig deep and find the courage to take a step forward towards leading a life that is purposeful and of service while working through all the trade-offs that appear along the way, by finding their voice and sharing their stories.


We Are Daring to Share and We Connect Humanity Through The Art Of Storytelling



  • Occurs Saturday, September 21st, 2019 @ 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm


Karis Support Society

550 Rowcliffe Avenue
Kelowna, BC V1Y 5Y9