Belle Plaine

Belle Plaine plays at the Grateful Fed on Nov. 22

Saskatchewan country singer Belle Plaine will perform at Kelowna's Grateful Fed on Nov. 22.

The songwriter, who grew up in a remote prairie town of 45 people, is about to release her third album, Malice, Mercy, Grief and Wrath, which continues her steadily evolving progression from her small town prairie roots to being an internationally-known bandleader, collaborating with guests such as Colter Wall, Kacy Anderson, and Megan Nash.

Plaine has a new video coming soon too. Painstakingly animated with hand-painted paper puppets and scenes over a period of two years, and an official selection at the 2019 Ottawa International Animation Festival, the accompanying video for Laila Sady Johnson Wasn't Beaten By No Train spins the tale of when Plaine's grandmother was hit by a train in her car one summer day in the 1980s as she was heading out to the fields to check on her potato patch.