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With 2020 finally here, let’s look at what the year has coming up for gamers.

The biggest news is that Holiday 2020 will have the launch of both the PS5 and the Xbox X series. Both systems won’t get into our hands until the holiday season, but we can expect to see the power of both systems showcased at E3 this June. We’ve seen the X series console, but we have yet to see anything from Sony as to the final shape of their system.

The first few months of 2020 will feature games like “Ori” and the “Will of the Wisps,” “Final Fantasy 7 Remake,” “Animal Crossing New Horizons,” “Doom Eternal,” “Persona 5 Royal,” “Resident Evil 3 Remake” and “Cyberpunk 2077,” just to name a few.

When you throw in sure-to-be blockbuster titles like the “Last of Us 2,” “Ghost of Tsushima” and “Dying Light 2” we will have an amazing first half of 2020.

Other titles will surely be announced closer to E3 in June with a release date for the later half of 2020. It will be interesting to see what games will be available only on the next-generation systems around Christmas.

What game or games are you looking forward to in 2020. Let me know, drop me an email: at sggall@telus.net