DLopez is seen in a recording studio. His latest song and video, The Fallen, was released on New Year’s Day.

A Kelowna hip-hop artist’s new video pays tribute to people who have died from the effects of mental illness and depression.

The video and single, The Fallen, by DLopez (David Mejia) was released on New Year’s Day.

“The Fallen depicts the struggles of a man dealing with the loss of his cousin, as well as the compounding hardships of depression, addiction and suicide.” said Mejia in a news release. “I wanted the song to be a positive, not a negative, so it focuses on overcoming through perseverance in a world that can be ever so cold. It’s more of a battle-cry than a sad song.”

“The inspiration for the song came from some of his own experiences losing those closest to him, as well his own personal battles with mental health,” said the news release.

Mejia received a $10,000 grant from FACTOR, a non-profit organization that helps Canadian musicians, to make the video and he brought in some experienced personnel to help make and promote the song and video.

The song is available on major streaming platforms and the video is on DLopez’s social media accounts and YouTube. Links can also be found at linker.ee/dlopezmusic.