I think I maybe turning into a bitter person remembering the good old days of gaming. A month ago I talked about how loot boxes are gambling that takes advantage of children and adults that have addictive personalities.

Those “loot boxes” gave you a random chance of winning something that you want, with odds that are never in your favor. Well 2K have taken that exploitation and raised the bar. In a trailer for the upcoming NBA 2K20 the game showcased a slot machine, a roulette and a Pachinko machine in a game that is Rated E for Everyone. I'm a parent, for a game that has an E rating and to promote something that should be rated A according to the ESRB is astonishing. Loot boxes are already teaching kids the “thrill” of gambling using their parents bank accounts and Credit Cards tied to their consoles.

Now the games aren't even hiding the gambling. People on YouTube are paid to open these boxes by game companies to promote the thrill of finding the character to kids. I remember back when “gasp” a NBA video game was about basketball not trying to get kids to spend extra money on a chance to get an item they want. If you are a parent and are thinking about buying this game for your child please unlink your bank account or Credit card with the console.

Parents have had accounts emptied by their kids not realizing how much they are spending. If you want to include this in a game at least own it and don't pretend gamer's want this. Up until a few years ago all this content was unlockable by completing challenges within games and not requiring more money. Unless gamer's demand this exploitation to end, companies will continue to pull this more and more.


Look for my review on Gears 5 next week.

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