Rated M for Mature

(Xbox One,PS4,PC)

ManEater lets you relive your dream of being the shark from Jaws, creating a fintastic experience.

The game has all gore you expect from a shark game. The screen will fill with blood red water when you chop down on large prey or humans.

The shark looks amazing. Detailed shark parts, complete with bone scales and electric fins, are just few of the customization options. The game has detailed waters from the deep oceans to human-infested beach areas.

All the areas look great filled with variety of creatures with fast load times.

The game starts with you learning some of the controls handling a full-grown shark. You are captured and the shark hunter who slays you finds a baby shark that is you for the game.

The game’s controls are simple enough. You move the shark with the left thumbstick and attack your prey with the x button.

You learn more moves later in the game. The controls are perfectly balanced with you feeling like you can mulch any creature that stands in your way.

You start out as a baby shark thrown into the bayou. As you eat more and more creatures, you evolve and grow.

The game is part action and part role playing.

As you eat different creatures and complete different objectives, you gain experience points which are used to upgrade and level up your shark.

The bayou is the perfect starting point for a player to get used to fighting different creatures, and learn to evade and counter.

The bayou is full of fish, turtles, humans and even some crocodiles. Each area has a different variety of fish with some that attack.

All the creatures have a level to them, as do you. If you try and attack a creature at a higher level, be prepared for a challenge.

Even if you’re at a higher level then the creature, it isn’t going to any easy fight. I found myself levels above some sharks or gators and they still gave me a heck of a fight.

The game is chock full of humour. As you play, the game will have little funny facts about the creatures thrown in.

The game throws different objectives at you to complete from eliminating different fish in an area to killing the predator in that area.

As you get to different parts of the map, you encounter more and more challenging creatures.

The different main and side missions will always keep you busy.

Along the way, you unlock different parts for your shark, from different teeth, fins, body and more.

Different parts have different benefits.

This game has a full-fledged story.

Players can explore deep ocean bottoms, caves and shipwrecks.

I found myself enjoying swimming around the rivers, and other bodies of waters, exploring. I had so much fun just eating and exploring I found myself 12 hours in and only 30% done.

There’s always something cool to see and explore.

As you get bigger and bigger, your shark can attack humans and take out the different shark hunters.

For each human you eat, you gain infamy. If you fill your infamy, you will have shark hunters come after you. These hunters get more and more difficult, testing your evading and countering.

The game will take you around 10-20 hours to complete — closer to 20 if you hunt for all the collectibles and do the side missions.

I found a few bugs, which a patch should fix.

Otherwise the game was solid fun.

If you’re looking for some cool shark action or just something different Maneater is a must play.

The game is a bargain at $50 which is $20 less than new-release games.


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