Author Maria Lynch will talk about her first novel, Beneath the African Sun at the downtown Kelowna Library, Oct. 21 at 6:30 p.m.

Beneath the African Sun, produced by FriesenPress, follows Sabby Mendes as he leaves Portuguese Goa aboard the dhow Monsoon Wind bound for British East Africa in 1916. Sabby has a dream to find work as a tailor in the relatively new capital of Nairobi.

He is a young man, still a teenager, but he is determined to build a life for himself as a tailor, and he knows that the opportunities in the British Protectorate are better than those facing him at home.

However, Sabby is not prepared for what he is about to find beyond the Arabian Sea.

The protectorate, which will become the British colony of Kenya, is a highly segregated society with the British firmly ensconced at its top; below them are “Asians” like Sabby; and at the bottom are the native African population.

Beneath the African Sun is available for order from most major book and online retailers, including the FriesenPress Bookstore and Amazon. The eBook is available for Amazon Kindle, iTunes Bookstore, Google Play, Kobo and Nook.