Sony showcased the Playstation 5 a few games ago. Let’s talk about the highlights.

The biggest reveal of the show had to be the console itself.

After showing nothing but the controller for months, we finally saw the slick new console that will be displayed proudly under your television.

The PS5 departs from the almost square and plain shape of the PS4. The newest Sony system has a futuristic look with a white-and-black system with blue accents and a sleek design.

The system does look like something out of the future compared the Microsoft Series X.

Another surprise of the show is that Sony will launch two different Playstation 5 consoles. Besides the regular console, Sony will release an all-digital system without a disc drive.

Many Sony fans balked at the Xbox One digital when it launched last year. It makes sense that Sony provides an options for gamers. Many have just started downloading their games without having to leave their house and possibly finding that indie game they wanted has sold out.

Sony also brought the heat when it comes to showcasing the games people can enjoy on their new console. GTA 5 will making an appearance with enhanced and expanded game play in 2021.

Some game highlights:

Spider-Man: Miles Morales takes the hit Spider-Man game, and enhances and expands with a new story line.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart looks amazing with collapsing dimensions, futuristic cities, even dinosaurs. The ability to make parts of the level transition into another universe truly looks like the next generation.

A new Oddworld called Soulstorm looks to have the same humour with new game play elements.

Gran Turismo 7 finally seems to include a campaign with realism in both the environments and the vehicles themselves.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure looks like a departure from the Little Big Planet games. In Sackboy, the game focuses on 3D action-oriented game play.

Resident Evil Village is the next instalment in the first-person horror game series. After the truly scary and frightening Resident Evil 7, this game looks to be an even more atmospheric and tense experience then the last game.

A remake of Demon Souls designed for the PS5 looks completely overhauled.

A new Hitman game, Godfall and Ghostwire: Tokyo was also shown off.

We still don’t know the price of the system, but this showcase will make Microsoft bring it’s A game for the July show.

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