A documentary featuring a local firefighter ready to get back to the outdoors eight years after a life-altering accident will debut on Monday.

The Achievables will be shown at 6 p.m. at the Environmental Education Centre for the Okanagan in Mission Creek Regional Park.

The documentary by Kelowna’s Render Digital Media follows a firefighter named Aaron.

“Aaron is ready to break out of his shell, test his grit, and challenge himself physically by embarking on an incredible journey,” a description of the documentary reads. “Surrounded by fellow fire fighters, Aaron will be reintroduced to his love of water and the mountains. Aaron will also be accompanied by Jacquie, a visually impaired adventurer ready to challenge ‘disability’ stereotypes through feats of courage. The group will spend three challenging days on the Kootenay river, nestled into the Rocky Mountains. … Often travelled by afternoon adventurers, few dare the distance of a three-day trip on the white waters, leading to two of the most beautiful and remote waterfalls in Western Canada. On this grit-testing journey to become reacquainted with himself, Aaron will be forced to dig deep and stay resilient.”

The trip was arranged and managed by West Kelowna firefighter Troy Becker and CRIS (Community Recreation Initiatives Society) Adaptive Travel, which provides outdoor opportunities for handicapped people.