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18-month term urged for drunken rampage

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Brandon Seberras-Pick should spend 18 months behind bars for trying to set fire to a car and breaking into a basement suite, a prosecutor said Friday in Kelowna.
The 20-year-old man went on a drunken, drug-fuelled crime spree in Kelowna's Black Mountain area in February 2012. Lawyers argued Friday how much time he should serve.
Crown counsel Dave Grabavac says Seberras-Pick needs to sit in a cell for 18 to 21 months. His lawyer, Dave Johnson, said the 14 days he served after his arrest and probation are enough.
Judge Jane Cartwright reserved her decision until March 7.
Seberras-Pick had been drinking beer with friends and downing magic mushrooms before his late-night rampage. He started by trying to torch a 2003 Mitsubishi parked in a driveway on Feedham Avenue.
The woman living at the house noticed a side-view mirror was smudged with soot and the paint was melted. The door of the gas cap was open and the remains of a charred lighter were in the well of the gas cap.
When police interviewed Seberras-Pick hours later, he brought up the attempted arson.
"I remember trying to light a car on fire. I was like lighting the side-view mirror," he told police.
The fire could have spread to the owner's house if the car ignited, said Grabavac.
"Thank God the stars were aligned and that fire didn't do more damage to (her) car and didn't spread."
Seberras-Pick apparently crossed the street and broke into the basement at 1549 Feedham. A loud noise awakened the tenant, who found Seberras-Pick standing in his kitchen.
He told the tenant, 'I'm your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman," Johnson said Friday. Johnson downplayed the intrusion as a prank.
The tenant and his landlord chased Seberras-Pick down the street. Police later arrested him as he hid in the basement of a nearby house.
He was charged with setting fire to the house at 1665 Large Ave. the same night. Homeowner Robert Vukic woke up to birthday balloons popping from the heat.
The fire started outside, burning a wall and damaging a deck, and extended inside. Vukic went to hospital with smoke inhalation after trying to douse the flames. The loss was estimated at $200,000.
Seberras-Pick told police he set fire to a residence that night, but his description of it differed from Vukic's house. The judge acquitted him.

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