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Benefits from LNG many years away, says Conservative leadership hopeful

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Rick Peterson
Liquid natural gas will greatly benefit the province, but not for many years according to B.C. Conservative leadership hopeful Rick Peterson.
Peterson was on his sixth visit to the Okanagan Saturday, with stops in Penticton and Kelowna as he beats the BC Conservative party drum.
Peterson said B.C. Premier Christy Clark is "way too over optimistic" about the benefits of LNG to the province.
Clark has touted LNG as the financial saviour for B.C., saying it will generate millions of dollars and thousands of jobs for the province.
"She's not telling people this is years down the road," said Peterson, who is up against Vanderhoof resident Dan Brooks for the top spot with the provincial Conservatives. Party faithful will vote on April 12 for the new leader.
The Conservatives would pursue LNG, but would not turn their back on other natural resources, Peterson said.
"We have to be pro-resources and pro-employment," he said, adding too many people have to leave B.C. to find employment.
Peterson has been involved with the federal Conservative party for 25 years and said he is choosing to run for the B.C. Conservatives because "the B.C. Liberals under Christy Clark don't reflect the values that are important to me."
Tax fairness, fiscal responsibility, resource sector support, user fees and accountability are all things Peterson said need to be addressed.
But Peterson admits it will be a hard road to drive to bring the party to the mainstream voters.
He said the B.C. Conservatives may currently be a "fringe party" but they are poised to make a breakthrough in the Lower Mainland.
"It's a huge opportunity. The NDP is split. I'm getting people from the NDP signing up and supporting my campaign. We have a chance at being a credible alternative."
Despite the Okanagan being a Liberal stronghold, Peterson claimed a strong support base in the Valley.
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