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Bringing gun to pub big mistake

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Ryan Allin may have packed a handgun in a pub and bragged about his gang contacts, but he's living straight now, a judge heard Monday.
The 30-year-old Kelowna man was sentenced to nine months of house arrest for carrying a concealed weapon and other offences. A server called police after she cut him off and saw the Colt .45 stuffed in his waistband as he stumbled to the washroom.
"This was the biggest mistake of my life. If there's any silver lining, it's forced me to get my life together," Allin told Judge Anne Wallace.
Allin was sitting at the bar in Willow Park Pub on Highway 33 in December 2012 when he casually told the server he was associated with criminal gangs, court heard. He was intoxicated so she refused to serve him any more alcohol.
As he got up from his stool, the server noticed a silver handgun tucked in the back of his pants. He also had a dagger in a sheath hanging from his necklace.
When police arrived, Allin was sitting with both hands in his lap. One officer grabbed his arm while another lifted the back of his jacket and removed the handgun. He didn't
resist as they handcuffed him.
There were no bullets in the chamber, but several in the magazine.
Allin was banned from carrying weapons after a 2011 conviction for possessing a prohibited weapon. He told police he gave the Colt and a Highpoint .40-calibre handgun to a relative because he didn't want
authorities to destroy them.
His relative gave the firearms to Allin's father, who stored them in a gun case. Allin admitted he stole the weapons and directed police to his bed, where an officer found the unloaded Highpoint under the mattress.
Wallace released Allin on strict conditions soon after. He had to obey 24/7 house arrest and
attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting every week. His parents confirm he went to the meetings and hasn't drunk alcohol since his arrest, said defence lawyer Grant Gray.
"He demonstrated his ability to live differently than he did," Gray said. "He toed the line completely."
Wallace accepted Allin's remorse and ruled he could serve his nine-month term in the community. He must obey an overnight curfew, stay away from the pub and any business that sells liquor, and attend regular AA meetings. He's barred from possessing firearms for 10 years.

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