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Canadian Pickers take on 'Macho Challenge' in Okanagan

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Want to see the Canadian Pickers rummage through the North Okanagan for a hidden treasure?

An episode airing Monday night at 8 p.m. will feature professional pickers Sheldon Smithens and Scott Cozens zipping around Armstrong, Abbotsford and Mission picking up “a cool collection of trolley ads, tin litho signs, atlases, and rare gas pumps,” says the History Channel.

The pair searches for antiques and collectibles in people’s basements, attics, sheds and barns – then they bargain to buy those items to re-sell for a profit.

The two have set a friendly wager to drive the episode forward: “the one who picks the most macho item wins a beer.”

The episode is called “Macho Challenge.”

“When Sheldon finds a 1920s leather football helmet and Scott scoops up a vintage grip meter, both are convinced they have won the competition,” says the History Channel’s episode summary.

The show is similar to the American version, aptly called American Pickers.

(Photo of Canadian Pickers courtesy of The History Channel)

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