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Cedar Ave. proposal going back to public

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The public will again have a chance to add its input into what the city will do with seven lakefront properties it owns north of Cedar Avenue.
City staff say a mix of uses, including a waterfront walkway, is still the best option for the parcels of land.
The original proposal resulted in a public outcry with many wanting the entire area made into a public green space.
Municipal officials said it has long been the city's intention that the waterfront properties, acquired at considerable public expense, would be redeveloped in a variety of ways.
Coun. Luke Stack was on council when the land was purchased and said council will try to find a balance between public access and commercial development.
"At the end of the day, it became apparent we had to go back and do a public charrette process," said Stack. "Hopefully we can come up with a plan people can get behind."
Council on Monday endorsed a public engagement process that will see the city and the community work to craft a new plan for the Pandosy-area waterfront.
"We understand there were concerns with the last version of the site plan and we are ready to take another look," said Mayor Walter Gray. "A lot has changed since the project was last before the community in 2011. We've got a new council, we've proposed the inclusion of a paddle centre and staff has worked with the community to come up with an agreeable engagement process."
Gray said the site is not just for the people in the area, but for the community as a whole.
The charrette, Gray said, would be an "important community wide process."
The engagement process will kick off next week,
including a two-day charrette or urban design workshop at the end of February.
As part of the framework going into the engagement process, council endorsed a set project parameters or guidelines for the redevelopment. These include:
- Paddle centre - Accommodating the Kelowna Paddle Centre with up to 5,000 square feet of space.
- Financial viability - Completing the development with no additional tax impact and considering development options that result in a financial return to the city for further reinvestment opportunities in the community.
- Park - Incorporating a park and waterfront walkway as an integral part of the site.
- Pedestrian and park connections - Incorporating park and pedestrian connections to current and anticipated developments.
- Parking - Design the site and buildings to meet bylaw requirements for parking in future zoning.
- Riparian setbacks - Respecting required riparian setbacks.
- Timing - Complete public engagement and any required rezoning by the fall of 2014.

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