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Cold set to ease icy grip

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From left, 14-year-old Katie O'Neill, Lily Pink, 10, and Kirsten O'Neill, 12, didn't let the -13 C weather Saturday morning prevent them from skating at the outdoor rink at Stuart Park in downtown Kelowna.
Katie O'Neill, 14, knows a thing or two about layering.
With the mercury at a teeth-chattering -13 C Saturday morning at the outdoor rink at Stuart Park in downtown Kelowna, the teenager ran through what she put on to skate in such weather.
"Well, let's see," she started.
"I have two shirts, two hoodies and then my big winter jacket over them, and the hood of the jacket is up over my tuque and the scarf around my neck. There's two pair of sweatpants underneath my snow pants, and then I put on lots of socks before I put on my skates."
Her skating partners - sister Kirsten, 12, and friend Lily Pink, 10 - were similarly attired.
Kirsten also had a tale of caution.
"You know how cold it is, right?" she asked.
"Well, that doesn't mean everything's frozen solid. We went out to play hockey on the ice at the pond in South Ridge, and when we were putting the nets out the ice cracked and started to bob up and down. We got off there in a hurry."
If there's one topic everyone in the Okanagan is discussing this weekend, it's the frigid temperatures.
Friday's overnight low of -18 C was the coldest yet this season, and it was the fifth night in a row with temperatures of -10 C or colder.
The last couple of days, the daytime high temperature has struggled to get up to -12 C.
Last night might have been even colder. Environment Canada had forecast -19 C.
Smaller lakes like Duck in Winfield froze over this weekend.
Even the running water in Mission Creek in Kelowna is almost all frozen. In the little pools that still have open water, ducks that haven't flown south have congregated to swim round and round.
If I could migrate south under my own wing power, I'd certainly be in Mexico by now.
Monday brings a warming trend, if you want to call it that.
More cloud cover has an insulating effect, and the overnight low will be -10 C, with a daytime high of -6 C.
By mid-week, it will be -6 C overnight and -4 C during the day.
However, the milder weather will bring the chance of snow.

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