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Cyclist suffers serious injuries in Vernon crash

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Police block the northbound lanes of Highway 97 near Highway 6 in Vernon as they investigate a collision between a cyclist and a car Thursday morning.
A cyclist was fighting for his life in Vernon after a car struck him Thursday on Highway 97, disrupting the morning commute for hours.
The 27-year-old man wore black clothes and no helmet when he rode his bike across the highway's northbound lanes near Highway 6 about 5:30 a.m. The collision threw him up on the windshield of a Pontiac Sunfire and against the car's side-view mirror, puncturing his lung and causing internal injuries.
Police were still concerned about his condition Thursday afternoon, said RCMP spokesman Gord Molendyk.
"They were serious injuries," he said. "We hope he'll make it."
The cyclist was riding west in the alley between Earl's Restaurant and Sir Winston's Pub, where there's no intersection. The driver, a 33-year-old woman, was heading north in the outside lane when the cyclist rode out in front of her. She was badly shaken by the crash but unhurt, said Molendyk.
Police blocked the highway as a crash analyst took measurements. Northbound traffic was diverted onto Highway 6 and 27th Street until 9 a.m.
The circumstances were somewhat similar to the death of a teenager longboarding on a road in Nanaimo on Monday. Ryan Thomas Wallace-Tarry wore dark, non-reflective clothes and apparently didn't use a helmet. A flat-deck truck struck him after sunset.
"You need to pay attention to where you are on the road because you share it with vehicles," said Molendyk. "The responsibility is for everyone, whether you're a pedestrian, a bike rider or a longboarder."
A longboard is a longer version of a skateboard. Young people ride them down Silver Star hill at speeds approaching
80 km/h, Molendyk said. They lack brakes and have no protection in a crash.
"I've seen them cut corners. They go at terrific speed coming down Silver Star," he said. "They want the thrill of the ride and to do a new sport. The body does not do well when it hits a vehicle."

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