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Family needs a new home

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Tammy Kasper and her daughter Jessie, 12, pose for a photo around the Christmas tree on Saturday.
If not for the food bank, Tammy Kasper would have a harder time feeding her young family.
A single mother of five, Kasper uses the Kelowna Community Food Bank every month. She says the charity is "awesome."
"If it wasn't for the food bank, I'd be struggling every month. I'd rather feed the kids than me," she said.
Kasper, 38, has had scoliosis (curvature of the spine) since birth and lives on a disability pension. She's not complaining, although a different home would be nice.
She and her kids have rented a duplex since April. The place is run down, she says, and there's black mould.
"I'm sick and the kids are sick from all the mould in here. It's hard on our lungs," she said.
Pausing for the occasional cough, Kasper explained her kids often cough and wheeze. They get sinus headaches and bleeding noses.
She moved out of bedroom because of the problems and now bunks in the living room. Her doctor recommends the family find a new place to live, she said.
Kasper is looking for another place but options are slim because of her income and the size of her family. Her three girls and two boys, ages 8 to 17, sleep in two bedrooms.
The eldest plans to become a nurse. Kasper has more gifts for the younger children than the older ones.
Still, she remains cheerful. The Salvation Army is supplying a Christmas hamper and the food bank comes through for her every month.
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