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Historic wharf disappears

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Mark David of Okanagan Pile Driving watches as a pulley is removed from the old CNR wharf in West Kelowna. The pulleys will be saved to be used in a water park. Crews have started to demolish the aging wharf to make way for a new half-million dollar replica wharf that's expected to be finished by this summer.
Work has now begun on a half-million dollar upgrade to a water-based recreational amenity in West Kelowna.
Crews have started to demolish an old CNR wharf in Gellatly Bay that has been a popular jumping-off point into Okanagan Lake.
The aging structure will be replaced by a safer, replica wharf. It will include two lighted towers, a three-metre high jumping platform, a small zipline, and a floating platform.
"The wharf will be finished in time for swim season," West Kelowna Mayor Doug Findlater promised last November.
The existing wharf's distinctive metal pulleys will be salvaged and incorporated into the new waterpark.
Cost of the project is estimated at $537,000.
Burton Marine Pile Driving, which tearing down the existing wharf and building the new one, will also soon start construction on a new safe-harbour breakwater in Okanagan Centre.
The new breakwater will provide emergency shelter for boaters if they find themselves on the lake in hazardous weather.
Burton Marine launched a building barge from Sutherland Bay in Kelowna on Tuesday.
It's headed to West Kelowna for the new project.

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