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Last-minute gift ideas

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Linda Winnick of Picture Perfect says a a gift certificate for an original piece of art is a great last-minute gift idea.
We asked Bernard Avenue merchants for tips on last-minute Christmas presents:

Amanda Zais, Mavazi Apparel: "Scarves are always a popular present. You can accessorize them with almost anything you like. We have a great selection from $15-$24, and there's a 20 per cent discount on now." The store is open today from 10-7, and 10-4 on Christmas Eve.

Linda Winnick, Picture Perfect: "A gift certificate for an original piece of art is a great idea. The people you give it to can choose whatever they like from among our 200-plus pieces, all made by Okanagan artists. Art is long-lasting; it doesn't need to be upgraded in six months like a cellphone." Store is open from 9-5:30 today, and 9-2 on Christmas Eve.

Rodney Goodchild of Okanagan Spirits: "We've been doing well with our $40 variety pack of five Okanagan liqueurs. They include raspberry, blueberry, cherry, black current, and cranberry. They'll go great with dessert after Christmas dinner, or just enjoy them on their own." Store is open from 10-6 today, and 10-2 on Christmas Eve.

Sherri Lessard, Cruzwear: "Long summer dresses are perfect if you know someone who's about to go to Mexico or the Caribbean for a holiday. They're comfortable, colourful, and you can wear them as a cover-up or when you go out for dinner." The store is open from 10-5 today, and 10-4 on Christmas Eve.

Janice Vermeulen, Burnett's Florists and Gifts: "One of our most popular items this year has been these $65 whimsical wall clocks by Allan Designs. They come in designs like butterflies, sock monkeys, dogs, cats, pigs, elephants - you name it." The store is open from 9-6 today and 9-2 on Christmas Eve.

Laurinda Kalawarny, Blackfish Apparel: "We have lots of coats, dresses, handbags and other ladies'
fashions. Most everything is 40 per cent off right now, and accessories are 20 per cent off. How can you go wrong?" The store is open from 10-5 today and Christmas Eve.

Santa with Doug Juhasz the Elf: "Santa always likes to relax with a gift certificate to Blenz Coffee, especially after delivering toys to all the good boys and girls in the world in just one night."

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