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Man handed 30-month term for bank heists

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Two bank robberies in two years have landed a Kelowna man in prison.
Ryan Terry Therrien, 25, pleaded guilty Thursday to holding up the TD branch in West Kelowna wearing a disguise last spring. Judge Gale Sinclair pointed to his long record and sentenced him to 30 months.
"He and others must be deterred. Whether it's robbing banks or convenience stores, where people often work alone or at night, they are vulnerable and must be protected from this sort of behaviour," the judge said.
Therrien wore sunglasses and a bandana over his mouth and nose when he entered the branch May 31. Armed with a can of what looked like pepper spray, he jumped over the counter and demanded money from the teller.
He grabbed the bait money, removed the dye pack that would have stained his hand and rode away on a bicycle. A sniffer dog followed his scent and located his hat. Police found a hair that matched his DNA.
Before the match was made, Therrien's mother identified him to investigators after she saw the bank's surveillance video. They arrested him June 25.
Therrien was also convicted of wearing a balaclava when he robbed a Bank of Montreal branch in Chilliwack in July 2011. He was sentenced to 14 months in jail.
He was badly head-injured in a car crash in 2010. He told his lawyer, Gavin Jones, that surgeons put in more than 40 plates to repair the damage and he may be brain injured.
Regardless, Therrien has been committing property crimes since 2008 and abusing drugs. His time in a penitentiary will give him the chance to rehabilitate himself, the judge said.
"If he gets off the drugs permanently and gets back to work . . . perhaps he can become a law-abiding citizen."
Sinclair gave Therrien credit for the five months he served behind bars before his sentencing and banned him from possessing firearms for life.

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