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Owner of stolen minivan to get it back sparkling clean

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A thief damaged her minivan and used it to haul stolen goods. But once Karen Moore gets her vehicle back, it'll undergo a thorough cleaning thanks to the generosity of a Kelowna businessman.
Buck Laroche of Auto Trim Line Detailing made the offer after hearing of Moore's Christmastime ordeal.
"It sounds like she's been through a pretty tough experience, and I just want to help out," Laroche said Friday.
Told of the offer, Moore said: "Oh, my gosh, that's so amazing. Thank you so much."
The Kelowna woman's 1994 Dodge Caravan was stolen Dec. 12. She happened to see it being driven around the next day and quickly called police.
A man was arrested and taken into custody. He faces charges of vehicle theft and possession of stolen goods. But Moore initially was unable to get her van back, because she didn't have the $320 demanded by a towing company.
After news of Moore's plight was publicized, the towing company reduced the charge and even offered to pay for the damage done to the vehicle's steering column and console by the thief.
It's currently being repaired in Vernon, and Moore expects to finally get her minivan back next week.

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