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Power outage shorts out

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Gerry Vliek and his wife, Helena, obtained their library card at the Westbank Library on Sunday afternoon while the power from BC Hydro was out at their Sundance Drive home.
Shannon Lake residents didn't have to endure a planned eight-hour power outage on Sunday after all.
Of the 417 customers affected, about 400 had power restored by 11 a.m., three hours after it began. Most of the rest had power back by 12:30 p.m. and the final 10 by 3 p.m., said Dag Sharman, BC Hydro spokesman.
The window was eight hours because crews sometimes don't know what they will find when they work on underground services, he explained.
"This is old infrastructure, underground, that sort of thing. We knew we could finish it within that window but wanted to do it obviously as quickly as we could to minimize any disruption."
A second, smaller outage will occur, potentially from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., on Tuesday,
affecting 10 houses in the 2200 and 3100 blocks of Shannon Way. Two transformers installed in 1975 will be replaced by one new transformer.
The Westbank library branch was open from noon to 4 p.m. for those who wanted a warm place to wait and about 55 people took advantage of the one-time Sunday opening, said branch manager Elene Doebele.
"It hasn't been super-busy; we have had a few little ones and some seniors. We weren't sure what to expect, if it would be crazy. We're happy we opened and it gets the word out that the library is here and maybe they'll think of us another day."
A few people even asked if the Westbank library branch was open every Sunday, she said.
The Friends of Westbank Library was prepared to pay for coffee and cookies but a BC Hydro public relations officer phoned at the last minute and said the Crown corporation would pick up the tab.
Shannon Lake residents Gerry Vliek and his wife, Helena, took advantage of the opportunity to get a library card and so Gerry could look for an autobiography on former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher. He wanted to compare her with Premier Christy Clark, the new MLA for Westside Kelowna.
"I can't for the love of Pete figure out why a big company cannot figure it out any better: do it in June and July when it makes sense to every common-sense person," said Gerry.
"I wish the bloody bubbleheads would come up with a logical explanation for that. At a time when Christmas is a stone throw away, when everybody is home baking and cooking."

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