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Record-breaking warm temperatures may be coming

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Mia Bent and daughter, Luna, eight months, dressed for the cold weather while out for a walk along Cadder Avenue Wednesday afternoon. They may not need to wear their tuques by the weekend as Environment Canada is calling for a warming trend that will start on Friday, with highs getting up to 7 C — possibly even higher.
It's a veritable heat wave, January-style.
Forecast daytime highs early next week will close in on century-old records as warm winds from the Pacific blow across B.C.
"Temperatures will be close to record-breaking," Environment Canada meteorologist Doug Lundquist said Wednesday.
With predicted highs rising steadily from 2 C today to 6 C on the weekend, the mercury should top out at 7 C on Monday. "But I wouldn't be surprised if it gets a degree or two above that," Lundquist said.
The all-time high temperature for Jan. 13 at Coldstream Ranch in the North Okanagan, where reliable weather records date back more than 100 years, is 8 C.
Changing weather patterns are bringing a strong stream of westerly winds from the Pacific Ocean to B.C for the next week to 10 days.
Skies should be cloudy about two-thirds to three-quarters of the time, Lundquist said, but sustained sunny breaks are possible.
Only about three centimetres of snow has fallen so far in January, and after a few flurries in the next few days, no significant snowfall is predicted by The Weather Network until at least Jan. 22. A normal January sees 31 cm of snow in Kelowna.
While much of North America has been in the bitter cold grip of the so-called Arctic Vortex since after New Year's Day, the Rocky Mountains have deflected most of the stubborn frigid
airmass away from B.C.
"The good news for those folks is this warm air flow should punch its way over the Rockies and warm up the Prairies," Lundquist said.

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