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Won't you please nominate someone for a civic award

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They're out there, everyone knows they're out there.
But finding and honouring some of the city's most outstanding volunteers and community supporters is tougher than you might imagine.
"Every year is a bit different in terms of the nominations received," Jim Gabriel, the city's recreation director, said Wednesday.
"Some years we're overwhelmed with nominations in certain categories, and there's fewer nominations in some of the other categories," Gabriel said.
Typically, there is no shortage of nominations for some of the higher-profile awards - such as Man and Woman of the Year and Athletic Team of the Year.
It's in the other categories, such as Teen Honour in the Arts, Champion of the Environment, and awards recognizing outstanding young athletes, where there may be a shortage of nominations.
Generally, there are between seven and 10 nominations for each category in most years.
"But we know there's many more deserving individuals, teams, and groups out there who deserve recognition," Gabriel said.
To encourage more nominations, city staff who conduct the awards program this year made the submission process simpler than ever before.
It's online at
Still, nominators are encouraged to provide as much information and detail as they can about the person, group or team they believe is worthy of civic recognition.
That's because members of the awards selection committee don't do research on their own.
Instead, they rely on what's provided to them to choose a winner.
Deadline for the receipt of nominations is Feb. 14.
The 39th annual Civic and Community Awards will be held May 1 at the Kelowna Community Theatre.

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