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Letters to the Editor

Touching tale of final goodbyes

This is a touchy subject, but I felt compelled to share this interesting phenomena with others because it is not common knowledge.

Speak up to save privacy of all Canadians

More than 150,000 Canadians spoke out and stopped the government's last attempt to spy on us through Vic Toews' online spying bill. Now, they're using Communications Security Establishment Canada to spy on us while covering their tracks with their new Bill C-13 that would give our telecom provider immunity for handing over our private information without a warrant.

Fruit-bin crusader still putting up a fight

After 38 years of working for the same company and then being fired for speaking out about a health and safety issue, many words could be used to describe my feelings.

Global effort can eliminate old scourge

Monday was World TB Day. Until recently, tuberculosis was the the leading cause of death for all of mankind. Even in the 1960s, it was still a killer in Canada.

Never sell the people's assets

There is something wrong with the way we give our assets away.

Many questions about fracking

There still seems to be missing factual information on fracking.

Still fighting same old fight

We feel all of the properties acquired by the City of Kelowna along Abbott Street near Cedar Avenue should be zoned P-3 and kept as parkland.

gospel mission offers hand up, not just a hand out

Once again, it behooves me to write a letter in order to clear up some misperceptions held by a few members of our community as it relates to Kelowna's Gospel Mission.

Take safety backcountry seriously

As a retired fighter pilot who for 37 years walked a knife edge of risk-taking and critical decision making, I have been watching the increasing number of avalanche deaths since the

An olive branch to Russia best approach

The Russian move into Crimea has aroused concern in the West. But the crunch reveals an appalling lack of realism and foresight by both the US, Canada and the EU.

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