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Letters to the Editor

End the grizzly hunt

Re: the grizzly bear hunting that recently started in British Columbia.

A tribute to Flaherty

The best tribute the Conservatives could give Jim Flaherty would be to cancel their election pledge for income splitting, which would only benefit a small percentage of Canadians.

Regional residents should pay share

The tax burden Pentictonites shoulder for public facilities in construction, maintenance and upgrade costs should be a regional responsibility.

Doesn't trust anything from the right

There are certain public and private figures who have credibility issues.  

Will pot rules work?

Lots of interest has been showing to establish medical marijuana growing operations in the South Okanagan.

Charge the politicians

On a whim, I looked up the definition of "embezzlement" in the dictionary.

Leadership race would put NDP further ahead

For the sake of a healthy democracy in the form of a capable official opposition, I was disappointed to see Mike Farnworth drop out of the B.C. NDP leadership race.

Windsurfers get short end of waterfront stick

Why does City Hall hate the windsurfers and kiteboarders of Kelowna?

ALR must be saved

I am deeply opposed to and offended by Bill 24. I insist that our elected government cease in moving forward with this bill and undertake meaningful consultation and dialogue with farmers, the food security movement, and with the general public to determine what are the careful changes that might be made to the ALR and the ALC as they now stand.

Curfew needed for Kelowna teens?

We have lived in the Mission for 45 years, and never have we had the theft and vandalism we are now experiencing since the influx of new development.

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