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Letters to the Editor

Harper's Fair Election Act must be stopped

The so-called Fair Election Act of the Stephen Harper government is an obvious attempt to politicize Canada's elections to favour the sitting government's ideology and should never become the law of the land.

What's wrong with Festivals Kelowna?

Kelowna city council's agenda of March 25 included a review of Festivals Kelowna 2013 programs and activities.

Welcoming migrant farmworkers

As spring draws near, farms across the Okanagan Valley are preparing for the arrival of approximately 1,200 Latin American and Caribbean migrant farmworkers.

Veterans deserve better treatment from gov't

Rapidly dying off Second World War combat veterans and those right up to the end of the Afghanistan conflict feel they are being thrown under the bus by federal government lawyers.

Move is right thing for Vernon tourist centre

I am writing this letter in support of moving the Vernon Visitor Center to a more central location.

Mitigate the damage

Thank you for raising your concerns regarding Multi Material B.C. and its stewardship program for packaging and printed paper.

Thanks for care of family patriarch

The head of our family, Gottfried Sprecher, passed away Feb. 26.

Teachers have shown they want their union

British Combia's teachers and the B.C. Teachers Federation are one and the same.

Is there more to DCC story?

Regarding Richard Drinnan's letter of March 15 on the subject of developer cost charges being transferred to taxpayers, I wonder if it will be Mayor Walter Gray, one of the councillors or the city manager who will give the other side of Drinnan's story, or is there another side?

Keep ALR for real farming

The agricultural land reserve is not preserving land.

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