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Letters to the Editor

Facts ignored in city approval of Lakeshore Road project

Kelowna city council, chaired by acting mayor Colin Basran, voted to approve a $5.2-million upgrade to Lakeshore Road between DeHart and McClure roads without any public debate, despite the fact the approval fails Kelowna taxpayers in a number of ways.

Kelowna's economy changing

In Jon Manchester's March 18 editorial, "Room for Improvement," he theorizes our economy is too focused catering to baby boomers, well-heeled retirees, and deep-pocketed summer vacationers, which tend to support low-wage and part-time retail, tourist accommodation and food service positions. He says we need more good paying jobs in industry and manufacturing.

A new and better farmers market is needed

With Kelowna Farmers Market vendors turning down the opportunity to move to a permanent indoor location and the board overruling them, it has opened the door for a new, improved version.

Council has no long-term vision

Don't we want to make downtown Kelowna a pedestrian-friendly area? Where is city council's long-term vision?

What's going on at Ballet Kelowna?

Deborah Ward, who recently represented Ballet Kelowna before city council stated the dance group will finish its fiscal year with a $30,000 surplus.

Why I voted no to move into downtown packinghouse

I am one of the "naysayers" (editorial terminology) who voted not to move the Kelowna Farmers Market to the North End Clement Avenue location.

You say you want a revolution?

Re: recent coverage of questionable expenses in the legislature.

Pay attention to sneaky tax increase

It would appear Premier Christy Clark and her Liberal government are pulling a sneaky move to increase B.C. income taxes.

Lions convention roars into Kelowna

More than 300 Lions, Lionesses and Leos are holding their annual District 19-D convention in Kelowna this weekend, at the Ramada Lodge.

Impressed by dedicated staff at KGH

I have final-stage bulbar ALS.

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