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Prepare now for a Mad-Max future

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A concerned boy recently asked his father about the threat of the world running out of oil by the time he reached his father's age. What chance of surviving did the boy have?
The father then asked:
You know how to use a rifle? "Yes."
You know how to make and use a bow and arrow? "Yes."
You know how to dress out an animal after you've killed it? "Yes."
You know how to make a fire without matches? "Yes."
You know the most likely places to find water? "Yes."
You know how to make a shelter for yourself? "Yes".
Now don't you think that you have good chance of surviving without oil?
The boy thought for a moment, then answered, "Yes, I guess I do."
I know both father and son, and that the boy has a much better chance of surviving without oil than the average person, if and when push comes to shove.
They both are members of a local fish and game club, where they have learned such survival skills. Unfortunately, such clubs take a back seat to organized sports, where it is all about fortune and fame.
It will be the ones with the simple survival skills who come out as winners, if there are to be any winners when oil dries up and cellphones or computers won't work.
C.W. Holford,

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