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NEW YORK - Lady Gaga wore meat and Rihanna went naked, practically. Kate Middleton delivered royal wedding opulence and Billy Porter went viral in a tuxedo gown. There was the much-coveted Olivia Pope white coat, Lupita Nyong'o's perfect powder blue Oscar gown and Karl Lagerfield's embrace o…

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The wisdom that comes from life experience is highly respected, both by those dealing with addictions and homelessness first-hand and by those who want to understand. Hoping to help others with these prevalent community issues, Steve Bernie offered to share his story.

NEW YORK - Lizzo is going to keep doing Lizzo after social media exploded with fat shaming over her exposed, thong-covered backside as she danced at a Los Angeles Lakers game while the team's cheerleaders performed to her hit “Juice.”

QUESTION: After the devastating loss of one of our cats, we’ve been looking to adopt a new cat. We think we have found one. Having said that I have a question.

It’s been aptly said, “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that ain’t so.”


Don't stop drinking white wines just because the weather has turned cold and snow is flying.

Mounties in Kelowna and Lake Country are hoping you will help fill a police cruiser full of much-needed donations on Saturday to help those less fortunate in our community.

NEW YORK - Either loudly sing your own praises or don’t in the new year, but let’s leave the humble brag behind, along with a few other oversaturated, cloying or just plain silly cultural quirks that deserve a big goodbye.


Joei Gowing has her hands full. Raising three young children (two daughters and a son) on her own, Joei depends on the food bank for support while she works toward her goal of self-sufficiency for her family.

Napoleon Bonaparte, John Wayne, and Peter O’Toole all succumbed to stomach cancer. Yet, when we talk about cancer, all the attention usually goes to lung, breast, prostate or colon cancer.

OVERVIEW: The feeling that time is short causes some to jump the gun. Make sure you have enough support before you stick your neck out. Keep key info in reserve as you may need it as leverage down the road. Sense where others are coming from before you bring things up. Use rules already in p…


“A food bank recipient may be the person you work with or the person right next to you, and you would never know it. It’s important that we learn to always help each other and not to judge — every day.”

MIAMI - Race has always been the focus of artist Kehinde Wiley’s work. He famously replaces black figures for white ones in classical paintings as a remedy for the historical invisibility of black men.

WASHINGTON - Melania Trump is celebrating American patriotism at the White House this Christmas, incorporating red and blue into the traditional holiday green, adding a timeline of American design, innovation and architecture and studding a Christmas tree with her family’s annual ornament, t…

ORANGE, Conn. - When no Americans replied to her ads seeking a dance instructor, studio owner Chris Sabourin looked overseas. But she was stymied again by a federal tightening of visa application rules she and others contend is hampering the ballroom dance industry.

It has been said that if the U.S. Constitution were rewritten afresh, it would not stress the pursuit of happiness, but the pursuit of health.

OVERVIEW: Many feel that time is of the essence as decisions seem to be coming down to the wire. Follow a path that resonates with your inner core beliefs. If in doubt, check your concerns with a wise adviser you have respect for.