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One of Jesus' most impressive party tricks was turning water into wine.

OVERVIEW: Those hanging on to what they see as tradition come across as narrow-minded to those who are trying to move with the times. Be willing to adjust to the new reality or be left in the dust.

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There’s nothing Brad Krauza loves more than his two children — and music — so the veteran musician and concert promoter believes he’s come up with “the perfect event” featuring a full day of golf, great Canadian music and celebration of his daughter’s birthday.

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Parents and experts are expressing disappointment in the U.S. women's soccer team after it erupted in jubilant celebrations during a rout of opposing players this week, saying the behaviour sets a poor example for impressionable young athletes who look to sports idols for guidance.

Niteo Africa Society and Mamas for Mamas are collecting gently used books to distribute this summer to families with limited resources.

NEW YORK - The price for a share of Beyond Meat almost tripled on the first day of trading in May and that was just a taste of what was to come.

Abortion became legal in Canada in 1969. I faced a dilemma. I had written a book titled “On Being A Woman – The Woman’s Guide to Gynecology.” It supported a woman’s right to control her own body, including the right to abortion.

OVERVIEW: Expectation may not match reality as the week begins. Shine some light into grey areas to help with the decision-making process. Look behind emotional drama to find what’s causing it. They are doing this to get attention or leverage, so don’t be played. Some soul searching is neede…

The media has recently reported on RCMP warnings regarding supposed repair contractors offering discounted and shoddy or fraudulent work.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Roth’s Dairy Products Ltd. harkens back to a time when home delivery of a variety of home staples, including milk and other dairy products, was an integral part of our lives.

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From McIntrye Bluff to the Canada-U.S. border, from the Black Sage Bench to the Golden Mile Bench and everywhere in between, Oliver and Osoyoos are pure South Okanagan wine region eye candy.

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VANCOUVER - Men and women who smoke marijuana could be adding to their infertility woes if they are already struggling to start a family, says an obstetrician-gynecologist who is calling for more research into reproductive aspects of the recreational drug that may be increasingly used in Can…

MONTREAL - In Montreal each spring, an epic bicycle festival demonstrates how 25,000 people can let the good times roll without bumping into each other too much.

VANCOUVER - Parents should prioritize healthy habits such as physical fitness, nutrition and sleep over screen time long before kids reach their teenage years when arguments over devices can become a huge issue, says a doctor who leads the Canadian Pediatric Society's digital health task force.

PARIS - Workers at the world's biggest Nutella factory have removed picket lines and are back at work after production was brought to a near standstill for more than a week over a dispute on salaries.


Paws for a Cause may be more than three months away, but registration has already opened to appease those champing at the bit and maximize fundraising.