A Kelowna woman who found love on the Love Boat describes what happens to the love affair after the cruise ends in a new book.

Tanya Zaufi took a job on the Regal Princess cruise ship, fell in love with the Austrian pastry chef and now, she and Josef live in Kelowna with their two children.

But there’s a story in between about how the two lovebirds navigated their lives after the cruise to stay together while apart, and settle in Kelowna.

In her debut memoir All Over the Map: Two Lovers, Six Continents and a Date with Destiny, Zaufi describes how she and the man of her dreams struggle to maintain their bond beyond the fantasy world of the cruise ship.

Back in their respective homes, their quest to be together is thwarted time and again by circumstances beyond their control: tragic accidents, denied immigration visas and misunderstandings. Meeting up on fleeting, romantic vacations all over the globe, they hold onto their vision of a shared future until a fateful incident threatens to drive them apart.

The book’s promotional materials don’t say what that fateful incident is. People will have to read the book itself to find out.

All Over the Map is now available in print and online, including Amazon.