Students and staff at Ecole Dr. Knox Middle School shaved their heads Thursday in a fundraiser for the BC Children's Hospital.

The school raised $21,000 for the hospital.

“I am very proud of every student and staff member who participated in this event and raised funds for a great cause,” said Principal Trent Dolgopol. “We learn to be collaborators and contributors, and an event like Bald Falcons Day shows our learners the power of their combined contribution.”

Teacher David Lafontaine started the Bald Falcons Day fundraiser in 2005 and leadership students continue to help their teacher raise the funds.

Grade 9 student Halle Foley and her sister, Grade 7 Kenna, raised over $3,000. “It was so amazing to see how many kids could work together to raise money for a place that's important to so many kids in our province,” she said.