OVERVIEW: The week begins with making choices or arriving at decisions as Saturn applies the brakes to Mercury.

Deal with stalls or delays. Wait for the word to come down from the top or those holding the reins. Try to avoid forcing any issues that need more time.

Handle matters independently. Meet with others in private to see if there is any common ground; a pathway can be found.

Time off should include a change of scene to make it worthwhile.

Have patience with those sorting out their feelings or blocking contact. Seek confirmation of how things really are before picking sides or giving in.

The new moon in Libra favours balanced judgment.

ARIES: Decide if you will stay or go. Take care of any required paperwork to reach a settlement.

TAURUS: Set aside some time to handle added responsibilities. This is not a long term situation.

GEMINI: More freedom may come with strings attached from those expecting a different outcome.

CANCER: Home or base of operations requires special arrangements by those having influence.

LEO: Make a better deal. That would be agreeable to all involved. Stand your ground or position.

VIRGO: Be careful with new or improved income. Put some aside as a cushion when needed.

LIBRA: Your influence is strong and has some affect on what happens to others or information.

SCORPIO: Confidential information or secrets can provide the leverage you need for success.

SAGITTARIUS: Your generous actions can bring a return to you in other ways. It all works out.

CAPRICORN: Your leadership qualities are noticed by those who count. Your status improves.

AQUARIUS: Handle serious or critical matters over distance. What you say or do is followed.

PISCES: Review old deals or ones that need updating. Make sure all involved are on board.

Heather Zais is an Okanagan resident and astrologer. Her column appears each week in The Okanagan Weekend.

Email: heather_zais@telus.net.