OVERVIEW: Discuss plans that cover areas where progress can be made. Seek a solid foundation and make sure funding is in place; everyone involved needs to feel secure on some level. Changes will bring unexpected improvements.

Relationships grow more permanent so decide where to live or move. Sun energy combined with Mars on Monday calls for direct, focused action.

Decisions will build confidence; forge ahead while keeping an eye on cost overruns. Avoid acting like you are giving orders. Bantering may sound lippy, so respect those in charge. Take a drive or upgrade vehicles. Flirtations can side track. Be clear about real feelings; no games.

ARIES: You have great job or career opportunities and can pull ahead of the pack. Discuss income.

TAURUS: Private talks could lead to plans to travel or research locations for yourself or others now.

GEMINI: Make choices affecting residence or base of operations. You need to secure this long term.

CANCER: Key individuals can be helpful with your expansive plans. Follow rules or correct protocol.

LEO: A different approach brings you more income or a better position. Others respect your abilities.

VIRGO: Changes to your situation can actually give you more freedom or movement. Future is good.

LIBRA: A lot goes on behind the scenes. Special arrangements work for all involved. You gain more.

SCORPIO: Well connected individuals pick you as their leader or spokesperson. Wear the mantle.

SAGITTARIUS: The spotlight shines on you and all the added attention is financially rewarding etc.

CAPRICORN: Others count on your assistance or expertise. Discuss areas where you work best.

AQUARIUS: You benefit from the past or joint finances and assets. Make private deals for gains.

PISCES: Hitch your wagon to others on the path of success. Take time out to meet in person.

Heather Zais is an Okanagan resident and astrologer. Email: heather_zais@telus.net.